We calculate your approximate distance from the event. The closer you are, the higher the distance rating.
Prerequisite: Your club zip code and the event zip code.
Less than 25 miles 10
Less than 50 miles 9
Less than 75 miles 8
Less than 100 miles 7
Less than 150 miles 6
Less than 200 miles 5
Less than 300 miles 4
Less than 500 miles 3
Less than 1,000 miles 2
Over 1,000 miles 1


There is no way of knowing what teams will be attending the next event and, therefore, the available competition level. However, we can look at the division your team would have fit best in the prior event and how competitive it would have been for them. 
 We use a complicated proprietary algorithm including statistical deviation to caclulate a 'spread'. The tighter the spread around your team's ranking, the more competitive the division will be for your team. The spread is used to determine a competitive rating.
Prerequisite: Your team is ranked and results have been entered for a division in the prior event which could have included your team.
Spread is less than 25 10
Spread is less than 50 9
Spread is less than 100 8
Spread is less than 150 7
Spread is less than 250 6
Spread is less than 350 5
Spread is less than 500 4
Spread is less than 750 3
Spread is less than 1,000 2
Spread is more than 1,000


The variety is a determination of how likely you are to play teams that you have not played before.
We look at the division your team would have participate in and use the distance of the teams that participated in that division and the distance of your team from the event to dtermine the global reach
Prerequisite: Your team is ranked and results have been entered for a division in the prior event which could have included your team, your club zip code, the event zip code and the zip code of other teams that participated.
Global reach more than 500 miles
Global reach less than 500 miles 9
Global reach less than 350 miles 8
Global reach less than 300 miles 8
Global reach less than 250 miles 7
Global reach less than 200 miles 6
Global reach less than 150 miles 5
Global reach less than 100 miles 4
Global reach less than 75 miles 3
Global reach less than 50 miles 2
Global reach less than 25 miles 1


One of the most important factors in determining how satisified teams are with events is the proper seeding of teams into the competition. Events need access to a national ranking system that allows teams to verify their rank but is free from bias and the 'selective' ranking by the ranking provider
Current known methodology:
USA Rank - Unbiased; National; all results treated equally; team verification - 10 points
Got Soccer - Biased, National, points awarded for Got Soccer games, some team verification - 6 points
Internal - Seeding calculated by the event - Biased, local - 4 points
Random Draw - Unbiased - 2 points 
Offical Draw - Weigting fo rseeding is set to 0 in all cases
Unknown - 0 points 
Prerequisite: We must know what methodology the event uses to seed teams.


Competitions can be an opportunity to be seen by college coaches for potential recruiting. Some events offer many features to enhance recruiting opportunities. Events are rated by the availability of the top recruiting features.
Prerequisite: We must know what recruiting features are being made available.
Colleges coaches invited 2 points
Coaches books prepared 2 points
Ability to contact coaches 2 points
Ability to create profile 2 points
Recruiting video services 2 points


The effective use of technology is making our lives easier and provides can provide an incredible experience and conveience,  Events that provide access to the following procedures offer a much more enjoyable experience than those that don't.
Prerequisite: We must know what technology features are available.
Event website 1 point
Online payments 1 point
Online application 1 point
Scheduling notifications 1 point
Conflict management 1 point
Real-time scoring 1 point
Weather updates 1 point
Text messaging 1 point
Online Check-in 1 point
Document Vault 1 point